You 2.0 Logo with Randy Spelling
Randy Spelling in a black blazer with arms crossed smiling
Woman near lake seated on rock looking down at coffee cup thinking
GIF of loading bar
Randy Spelling seated on a bench leaning over smiling with hands crossed

Woman holding boxes in her right hand and looking down reading a letter in her left hand
Man with hand on his chin looking up thinking
Image of a train moving fast on the tracks
Image of a black envelope with a butterfly inside signaling transformation
You 2.0 logo with Randy Spelling
GIF of a blue circle with a white arrow pointing down
Randy Spelling seated with arms extended out and open smiling
GIF of woman smiling looking at camera pointing with 'you're invited' written on the screen
GIF of a man in checkered button up shirt saying 'that's like, a no brainer'
Gold gift box signifying Super Bonus for You 2.0
Randy Spelling jumping up pumping fist smiling with excitement
Blue cursive font signature with 'Randy Spelling'

You 2.0 with Randy Spelling Logo
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